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Lydia and Addy started work on the patterns.dev book to bring a modern perspective to JavaScript design, rendering and performance patterns.

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Lydia Hallie

Lydia Hallie is a full-time software engineering consultant and educator that primarily works with JavaScript, React, Node, GraphQL, and serverless technologies. She also spends her time mentoring and doing in-person training sessions.

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Addy Osmani

Addy Osmani is an engineering manager working on Google Chrome. He leads up a developer tooling team focused on making the web fast. His teams work on projects like Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, Chrome User Experience Report and others.

The humans behind patterns.dev

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Lydia Hallie

Co-creator & Writer
Team member 01

Addy Osmani

Co-creator & Writer
Team member 03

Josh W. Comeau

Whimsical UX
Team member 04

Anton Karlovskiy

Software Engineer
Team member 05

Leena Sohoni-Kasture

Writer & Editing
Team member 06

Nadia Snopek



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