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Design patterns are a fundamental part of software development, as they provide typical solutions to commonly recurring problems in software design. Rather than providing specific pieces of software, design patterns are merely concepts that can be used to handle recurring themes in an optimized way.

Over the past couple of years, the web development ecosystem has changed rapidly. Whereas some well-known design patterns may simply not be as valuable as they used to be, others have evolved to solve modern problems with the latest technologies.

Facebook’s JavaScript library React has gained massive traction in the past 5 years, and is currently the most frequently downloaded framework on NPM compared to competing JavaScript libraries such as Angular, Vue, Ember and Svelte. Due to the popularity of React, design patterns have been modified, optimized, and new ones have been created in order to provide value in the current modern web development ecosystem. The latest version of React introduced a new feature called Hooks, which plays a very important role in your application design and can replace many traditional design patterns.

Modern web development involves lots of different kinds of patterns. This project covers the implementation, benefits and pitfalls of common design patterns using ES2015+, React-specific design patterns and their possible modification and implementation using React Hooks, and many more patterns and optimizations that can help improve your modern web app!